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Tips for Increasing Video Click-Through Rate

August 15, 2017

Videos equal more clicks, 21% more on average. This is because videos entertain by dynamically engaging our senses. Whether they’re created for enjoym...


10 Effective Online Tools for Domain Name Ideas

July 27, 2017

Coming up with a domain name for your website can be a fun process, but it’s also a very important business step that should be taken seriously. Putti...


Create the Right Video for Your Marketing Goal

July 4, 2017

Marketing videos are the best way to personally engage with your clients, but you can’t rely on the natural interactive element of videos alone to att...


Cracking the Optimal Length of an Animated Video

June 27, 2017

Animated videos will always catch someone’s eye. They’re memorable and entertaining; they can also be informative, which makes them the perfect market...


5 Must Links to Check Before You Make Your Pitch Deck

August 29, 2016

Making a pitch deck? Don’t know where to even begin? Here are 5 links that provide a number of resources that can help you. Providing examples from su...


How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast?

August 29, 2016

You probably already know just how popular YouTube is worldwide. YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine next to Google. If you have a ...


Super Easy Way to Compress Video Files to 70% using Handbrake Without Compromising Quality (Tested)

August 25, 2016

Many of our clients come to us to help them in reducing their video file so that they can easily send it. So here we are. Check out how you can easily...


Made an Animated Video. Now What?

August 15, 2016

Animated videos are a fantastic marketing strategy that can deliver a lot of return if applied properly. Having marketing alone is not enough to grow ...


Why you should choose animated videos as a marketing strategy?

August 8, 2016

Animation has been on the rise for the last few years. According to eMarketer, “4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than r...


10 Slides to Include in a Great Pitch Deck

July 27, 2016

The presentation you use in your pitch deck is of utter importance because it will either intrigue your investors and get them interested in your star...


What Makes a Good Pitch Deck?

July 21, 2016

If you are a startup you quickly realize how much you may need some help with funding. Finding investors who will contribute to your business is a gre...


25 Best Websites to List your Startup

June 23, 2016

We have curated 25 best websites where you can list your startup. And the best part is that basic listing on these websites is free. So why not use th...