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Coming up with a domain name for your website can be a fun process, but it’s also a very important business step that should be taken seriously. Putting careful thought into the right domain name can play a big part in determining whether people can easily remember and type in your domain name in a browser or vaguely remember the full name of your site and end up at a competitor’s site instead. Your domain name needs to be easy to say, spell, and remember, but it should also be reflective of your identity as a brand. Here are some online tools that can help you brainstorm to come up with the best user-friendly and SEO-friendly domain name that uniquely represents who you are as a business or personality.
  1. Bust A Name
    Bust A Name is great if you’re totally stuck in your domain name creation process. This site has a basic domain name search tool to check availability on domain names with .com, .net, extensions. More notably, it also offers a word combiner that takes words you type in and combines them in different arrangements to show you what domain names containing those words are available for purchase.
  2. DomainsBot
    Domainsbot can be used to not only find domain names for sale but also for names that have expired or will expire soon. It lists availability of domain names with various extensions like .com, .biz, and .me. It also shows which names are currently taken but are open to buyout offers.
  3. Instant Domain Search
    This site is especially useful and efficient because it generates search results in real time as you type. You can instantly see if a domain name or word idea you have in mind is already taken or if there are similar alternatives available. If a name you search for is up for grabs, you’ll be directed to sites for purchase, and if it’s taken, you can find out who owns the name and possibly find his contact information to make an offer for the domain name. This site also lets you look up names with alternative extensions like .news and .website.
  4. IWantMyName
    This tool is a no-nonsense service that provides straightforward domain registration and domain name server (DNS) hosting. But what makes this site a standout is that you can buy hundreds of international extensions and link your web addresses to apps and services throughout the Web. It also provides options for newer extensions like .associates and .bargains.
  5. KnowEm
    This is a powerful tool that searches social media sites and the USPTO Trademark Database in addition to regular domain name sources. It covers all the bases to help you see if your name, social media username, brand, or product name is being used or taken in any way in the internet and business worlds. KnowEm facilitates the process of securing your name across different networks or contacting sources who have possession of your name.
  6. Name Mesh
    This site is a comprehensive domain name generator that takes words you enter in a search bar and uses them to produce different variations of available domain names. The kick to this function though is that it presents these variations in different strategic categories such as web address names that are common, contain prefixes, or contain modified keywords that can be branded. For instance, the site can take the name “Beth” and “athletic” and generate a brand-focused domain name suggestion that contains the phrase “Bethletic.”
  7. NameJet
    NameJet is great for keeping an eye on taken domain names you want because it will tell you when these names will expire and go to auction. This site is an aftermarket domain name service where you can get access to expired domain names that are highly sought after.
  8. Panabee
    Panabee is a search tool that lets you search for and find suggestions on domain names, app names, and company names. It also includes information on international extension domains and social media usernames.
  9. Shopify Business Name Generator
    In addition to being the one-stop shop for e-commerce business set up, Shopify also has a business generator resource that lets you search for business names and view the availability of several domain name variations that include the business name.
  10. Wordoid
    Wordoid is a true domain generation wizard that literally makes up new words that are not real words but phonetically sound like they are. It creates words in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German that are catchy and original.

Hit the Ground Running

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