Super Easy Way to Compress Video Files to 70% using Handbrake Without Compromising Quality (Tested)

Many of our clients come to us to help them in reducing their video file so that they can easily send it. So here we are. Check out how you can easily compress video file to almost 70%. I have used Handbrake – a free software that you can download to compress your video files without compromising video quality. Let me show you how I reduced video file from 15 MB to 5 MB with Handbrake.

  1. You can download Handbrake at
  2. Open Handbrake & import your video file
  3. Now select Web Optimized and choose destination for optimized file
  4. Click on Start & you are done.
  5. Check out this video to see how I compressed a video file using Handbrake.

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Rachna Ghiya

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