How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast?

You probably already know just how popular YouTube is worldwide. YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine next to Google.

If you have a video that you want to rank high on YouTube, you’ll need to do more than just upload it. YouTube is a great way to drive traffic to your website but you’ll need to make sure your video gets seen and doesn’t disappear among the billions of videos uploaded to YouTube daily.

Here are 10 ways to rank your video high on YouTube and get views :

1. Keyword Search
There are certain words that are being searched on YouTube more than others. You can conduct a search yourself and find out what these words are. If you use these words for your video, it will rank up your video because it would be relating it to what’s trending. You can use google keyword tool to find out keywords that are trending. You can also conduct a search yourself on YouTube. Simply search words that are related to your niche. See which ones deliver what results, which ones lead to videos with the most views, and notice which other keywords those videos use.

2. Title
This is one of the first things that will attract your viewers’ attention, so be compelling. Only 50 characters of your title will show up in a search so make sure it immediately shows the viewer what the video will be about, while still looking attractive enough to click on. Now that you know which keywords are popular for you to use in your video to optimize traffic, incorporate the keywords into your title. You definitely don’t want a lot of keywords crammed into your title, but it’s okay to incorporate a couple of keyword phrases into your title. For example, if your keywords are something like, “how to make a website” and “website tutorial” your title can look like this: How To Make a Website – Website Making Tutorial. So you are using multiple keyword phrases in your title while not sounding too repetitive yet optimizing search results.

3. Description
YouTube gives you a lot of room in the description section of your video, about 5000 characters. It’s a good idea to add some of the keywords and phrases that you found in your search here. You should try to not be too repetitive with keywords in the description. You can add phrase alterations like the two used in the example title mentioned in step 2. You have to drive traffic to your website. To do this, you MUST add links along with your video. The description area of YouTube is a great place to add these links. They seem to do better towards the end description. A snippet of your description will show when your video is searched, so when there’s a lot of links in the beginning of your description, it starts to look more like spam and people will not want to click it. In the description, add links to your website, your YouTube playlists, your channel, or other websites that include information relevant to what your video is about. Getting viewers to follow the link to your website is how you can really make the sale or grab the audience. The video is just the beginning. It is just to attract their attention. The link is closing the deal. So make sure you add links. You should put a call to action within the first 180 characters of your description. This much of your description will show below your video, and if it intrigues people, they can click on the “Show More” button and reveal your entire description. Only this way will they see all of your links. So make the first 180 characters compelling.

4. Tags
Add tags to wherever you post your animated video. YouTube allows you to add tags as well. These are basically related words and phrases that people can search for, and your video will pop up as the search result. This helps to add searchable words and phrases that you did not include in your title or file name. You can make single word tags like tutorial or phrases like websitemaking. A good tag to include is the name of your YouTube channel. If you include your channel name, YouTube can show your playlist videos in the related videos section. You don’t want to attack the viewer with tags. So use a few tags that you think are the best related to your video. You can add tags of names included in your video, things that are related, or misspelled words. Adding misspelled words allows people to find your video when they search, even if they spell it incorrectly.

5. File Name
YouTube takes into consideration your file name, and uses this as a secondary way to categorize your video. So use keywords in your file name as well. By doing this, YouTube will sort your video, know what your video is about, and suggest it. For example, if your keywords are something like, “how to make a website” and “website tutorial” your file name would look something like this: howtomakeawebsite.mp4 or websitemakingtutorial.mp4 . This way, YouTube and Google will both see the file name for your video and categorize it accordingly. Most of all, YouTube and Google will know to suggest your video when people search that keyword.

6. Channel
Getting views is important because people tend to click and watch videos that have higher views. Earning subscribers is a great way to continue getting views and keep your video ranking high. Having your own YouTube channel will help earn subscribers. YouTube allows you to create your own channel (like your own page) where you can display all of your videos uploaded onto YouTube. You can customize and decorate your channel to be unique and appealing. Use a lot of colors and images to keep your channel compelling and original. A good YouTube channel means staying consistent with your videos, maintaining up-to-date with relevant information, and using playlists.

7. Playlists
Viewers like playlists because it categorizes videos for them and they can find more videos in something they were already interested in. Playlists will display in your channel. Be sure to make clear and relevant titles for your playlists so everything stays organized. Your links in your descriptions or annotations can lead to your playlists.

8. Annotations
YouTube favors videos that lead people to other videos. This is why playlists are good to have because one video in a playlist will lead to the rest of the videos in that playlists. Annotations are a sort of pop-up that you can add to your video to display as your video plays. They can look like buttons, speech bubbles, or adds across the bottom of the video. This is a great place to add links as well, links to your playlists, channels, website or related videos.

9. Drive Conversions
Some of your videos should be using call-to-action techniques to drive conversions. You can encourage the viewer to take advantage of a sale, check out new specials or deals, or visit your website for more information. Leading your viewer to your website will help drive conversions. Annotations can also be a useful tool to help drive conversions.

10. Share
Everywhere Probably the most important step of all to rank your YouTube video, is to share it on social media sites. You can share it on several websites like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook to name a few. YouTube ranks videos also by their social media relevancy. A good way to tell what’s trending is to see what’s relevant on social media, and Google and YouTube noticed this and consider this when ranking your video. When you share your video, be sure to encourage hitting the like, share, and subscribe buttons so viewers can spread the word about your video!

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