10 Slides to Include in a Great Pitch Deck

The presentation you use in your pitch deck is of utter importance because it will either intrigue your investors and get them interested in your startup, or bore them to death and make them feel like watching your presentation was a complete waste of time. Your presentation has to inform, intrigue, explain, and convince all in just 6-10 very basic slides. Most of your pitch deck will be you speaking to the audience and explaining your startup, corresponding to the slides of your powerpoint. However, that does not mean that the presentation is not just as important. So here are 10 slides that should be included in a great pitch deck to make a good compelling pitch for your startup.

1. Vision

This is a good place to start. Explain your vision and what your startup is about. Basically an introduction to the rest of the pitch deck. Here you can explain the values of your company and what you stand for.

2. Problem

Here you explain what problem that your startup is solving. There could be an issue or situation that needed improving in some way and your startup provides that. So in this slide, you explain the problem that your startup will help solve.

3. Target Market & Opportunity

Since you described the problem, now you describe who your startup is going to benefit/help. Explain your target market and how there is an opportunity there for your startup to succeed.

4. Solution

In this slide, you will elaborate precisely how your startup is going to solve that “problem” that you spoke about earlier. You can describe in detail how your startup provides a good, efficient solution and why it is a good idea to invest in such a startup.

5. Revenue

Investors want to be convinced that your startup can make them money. So here is where you explain how exactly your startup will make revenue. Try to be specific here (possibly using charts and other visuals) to prove to investors that your startup will be successful.

6. Validation / Progress / Goals
In this slide, you will show validation for the success that you claim in the last slide. So here’s where you can show proof that your startup will make revenue. If you already had some trials that were successful or companies interested in your startup, mention them here.

7. Marketing Strategy

Now you explain the plan you have for your startup. Talk about the marketing strategy that you’re going to use in developing and executing your business.

8. Sales Forecast

This is slightly different than the revenue slide. It does show the money that your startup will make if invested in, but it will show exactly how. Here you explain the finances needed for your startup, profit prediction, and exactly how your startup is going to obtain that profit. Here’s a good spot to compare your startup to other companies/businesses that are similar to yours and have found great success.

9. How Much Money Needed

Now that you explained how you’re going to make money, it’s time to ask how much money you will be needing from the investors. That is, after all, the purpose of the entire pitch deck. Since you explained the revenue and sales forecast, here you will just be asking for whatever amount needed to get that profit. If you already have other people who have invested in your startup, here is a good place to mention them and explain why they chose to invest in what you pitched.

10. Appendix
So you have covered all other 9 slides and your presentation is done. However, there could still be several minor details that you didn’t want to overload the other slides with. That’s what this final slide is for. It holds all of the “extras” that you didn’t put in the rest of the presentation. You can also add frequently asked questions into this one, because at the end of your pitch investors are going to have questions and this could answer them before they ask, making you look better prepared.

Hopefully, these 10 slide ideas are helpful for when you put together your pitch deck. Good luck! Want an awesome pitch deck to be designed? Reach us at hi (at)



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