Why you should choose animated videos as a marketing strategy?

Animation has been on the rise for the last few years. According to eMarketer, “4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.” In today’s business world, animated videos help people understand your business better than any other marketing strategy. People don’t like sitting through discussions or reading through long and boring descriptions of your business. They’re much more intrigued by animated videos.


It all started when you were a kid and cartoons were the highlight of your day. Cartoons actually trigger something in our minds that makes us entertained but also takes us into the world of the animation while we watch. Take the psychology theory called, “The Suspension of Belief,” wherein we tend to concentrate on just enjoying the animation rather than finding logic or understanding. This is why when watching “Tom and Jerry,” the beloved cartoon, you never sat there and questioned how Jerry was always outsmarting Tom or why Tom never died after falling from such great heights. This exact same principle works when using an animated video for business. People focus on the products of the business and not all of the irrelevant details.


John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, wrote in his book “The Brain Rules,” about visualization. He wrote that “vision trumps all other senses” which basically means that when you tell a story visually, people will remember it easier because human beings are driven by sight. Recognition and recall excel when information is communicated visually. If you’re going to use videos for your marketing strategy, you have a choice between a real life (live action) video VS. an animated video. Not sure which one to choose. Here are 6 reasons why animated videos are the best choice for your marketing strategy.

1. Animation is more engaging.
We’ve loved watching cartoons since childhood. People still love watching animated videos even as adults. Take Disney and Pixar movies for example. People of all ages watch those animated movies.

2. It is simpler
Animation allows you the ability to display your product in an easier and more efficient manner. If your startup/business has a lot of complicated statistics or abstract ideas that may be difficult to get across in a real-life type of video, animation allows you to make this easier. You can simplify it by using an infographic or showing charts that can keep the viewer interested instead of bored.

3. No limits
Animated videos let you express your ideas freely. There are no limits to what you can do in an animated video. Whereas, in a real-life video you would be limited by far more. If you want someone to fly in your video, animation let you do whatever you’d like to get your point across.

4. Cheaper than real-life
Getting a live-action video together could require a lot of time and money. You’d have to find the right actors, locations, and spend a lot on good equipment. With animated videos you may need to pay a voice actor, but this will be far easier than finding all of the previously named things.

5. Advantages of characters
There are a lot of advantages of having an animated character as opposed to a live actor. An animated character creates a friendlier face that will seem less pushy when trying to put across your startup/business. There is also less demographic which will lead to a wider audience.

6. Easy to change Often times, after making a video you realize several things you could have added or taken out to improve your marketing strategy. When using live actors, locations and equipment, reshooting can be costly and time-consuming. Assume a scenario where you have added new features to your app and want to add those in the video. Now think of how much more work it would be to get those changes done in a live video vs. an animated one. So let your imagination run wild and try using animated videos for your next marketing strategy!

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Rachna Ghiya

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