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Marketing videos are the best way to personally engage with your clients, but you can’t rely on the natural interactive element of videos alone to attract new customers. Your video content and the presentation of that content need to be strategically planned and developed. To do that, you have to decide what the purpose or end goal of the video will be, and from there, you can determine what type of video will suit your purpose. Here are some key marketing objectives to focus on and the types of videos that can be utilized to make them happen.

Brand Awareness: Commercial/Promotional Video

If your goal is to make your presence known in a particular industry, introduce your company with a commercial or promotional video. Tell your prospective clients who you are, what you do and why, and how what you do can benefit them. It’s important to make every second of this video count with catchy but genuine slogans, motto, or anything that will make your brand stand out and become memorable. Make your brand promotion video engaging or entertaining enough that it moves viewers to share the video or visit your website to learn more about your company.

Product Value: Educational Videos

Create an educational video that discusses a need or problem that many people struggle with, and then explain how your product or service solves that problem. Choose a problem that your product or service addresses that is broad enough to attract a lot of traffic, but still specific enough to draw in your target market. Focusing on a specific type of problem in your video will also show that you are very knowledgeable and specialized in what you do, which will strengthen your reputation as a top brand.

Product Application

How-To Videos – After viewers watch your educational video about problems that your product or service can solve, they will decide to buy your product or service but may need guidance on how to use it. Produce a detailed, illustrative video that walks your customers through each step of using your product or service from beginning to end. Depending on the type of product or service, you may want to think about how exactly to present this how-to information. For instance, you may decide that using an animated scenario story showing how a fictional character utilizes your service may be more effective than speaking directly to the viewers on how to use the service.

FAQ Videos –
After developing a solid understanding of how to use your product or service from a how-to video, a prospect may still have some unanswered questions about the product, service or related issues. Put together a list questions that potential clients are likely to have and present them in a video along with unambiguous, reassuring answers. Address typical customer questions such as how to use a product with a third party cloud storage system to store information, or how to go back in a web application process to change an option. Use this video to include important information such as return/exchange policies and warranties. An FAQ video can help viewers decide if your product or service is a compatible fit for their needs or goals.

Product Results

Testimonial Videos – Before viewers ultimately convert to customers and decide to invest in your product or service, they want to feel assured that what they’re purchasing will meet their need or solve their problem with good results. Put them at ease and prove that your product or service is worth the investment with authentic testimonials from people who have experienced success with your product or service. Have each testimonial client give a brief but relatable and descriptive account of his experience with your product or service. Have the clients emphasize compelling details like how any prior skepticism they had vanished when they started seeing an increase in profits from subscribing to your intelligence service, for instance. Details with statistics and figures like percentage increases in income or a drop in error rates will also push the prospect towards closing a deal. In addition to formal interview-format testimonials, you can also create impromptu testimonial videos by getting feedback from happy clients at conventions or in-store events.

Comparison Videos –
Another way to help your prospective clients gain confidence in your product or service is to show how it’s the best choice in the market. Craft a demonstration video in which you do a side-by-side comparison between your product or service and that of one or more competitors. Make sure that the demonstration is performed fairly without any bias. Time the demonstration of your product and the competitor’s at the same time, performing the exact same steps in the same order. Have participants in the demonstration explain what they observe in each step and identify any similarities and differences between your product or service and the competitors’.

Final Steps

You will eventually have a vault of different types of marketing videos that serve different strategic marketing efforts. As you brainstorm for one video after launching another, try to make sure that all of the videos are cohesive on an underlying level by having them all consistently emphasize tenets of your brand like putting the client first or always offering the best prices. To learn more about different types of marketing videos, contact CrispTalks today!