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Videos equal more clicks, 21% more on average. This is because videos entertain by dynamically engaging our senses. Whether they’re created for enjoyment or education, videos naturally put on a show that keeps viewers watching.

Videos are arguably the most effective way to reel in new customers when it comes to business marketing. They’re the probably the most frequently shared type of social media that people can watch or listen to on the go as they multi-task throughout the day. They can also go viral as they’re being shared and increase brand exposure and sales by as much as 200%. As a matter of fact, studies with extensive A/B testing have shown that including a video in marketing campaigns can increase viewer engagement by as much as 40%. This engagement increase does not include video interaction only, but also interaction and clicks on other types of content in the campaign like anchor links within copy. Like other types of content, however, videos are not immune to getting overlooked or passed over. Thoughtful effort has to be put into video development to make sure that videos not only stand out but actually get clicked on and watched. Here are some ways you can give prospective viewers that extra push to click on your videos to boost your video click-through rate.
  1. Thumbnail Teaser
    Probably one of the most important parts of your video, the thumbnail is the static image that viewers see before they play your video. This image can be a still from your actual video or a separate photo or illustration. This image should be as closely relevant to the content of your video as possible, and it should also be an engaging image that will pique a viewer’s interest and lead him to click the video for more information. Choosing the right thumbnail alone can improve the video’s click-through rate by as much as 15%.
  1. Prime Placement
    Whether in an email newsletter or on a landing page, don’t place your video below the fold, or below the top half of the screen. Keep the video as close to the top as possible so that it’s one of the first things the viewer sees on the screen. Burying the video below blocks of content will increase the chances that it’ll go unnoticed.
  1. Link Backup
    In case your marketing video is being viewed in email applications or on pages that don’t support embedded videos or have technical problems, be sure to include a link to your video that takes viewers to an external site where they can still watch your video.
  1. Brevity
    The longer the timestamp viewers see for a video, the less motivated they will be to click and watch it. Not only do people have shorter attention spans nowadays, but they also want instant delivery, so if they feel one source will takes too long to deliver what they’re seeking, they’ll go to other alternatives. Keep videos short, ideally under 90 seconds if possible
  1. CTA Title
    Try to use your video title or section header as a call-to-action that drives viewers to click on your video. Make sure the CTA in your title is short but specific so that viewers know exactly what they expect to obtain from the video. For instance, a title like “Watch this to Learn How to Get Your Free eBook” would urge many viewers to click on the video. The content in the video, for instance, would then provide a site link and promotional code that would be used to get the free ebook.
  1. Click-Worthy Value
    Although videos will always be powerful methods of drawing in viewers, people will gradually get desensitized to them and engage less and less with videos over time. Don’t just create videos for the sake of creating them, but rather save videos for attention-worthy occasions like major marketing campaigns for new product lines. Make sure that the video is right for your marketing goals and delivers valuable information that viewers can walk away with.

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